Up North Combine Ltd. 

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LETTER FROM PRESIDENT                                         NON FANCIER PARTICIPATION

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22 JULY 2018  DEFRA


to follow The Orginal UNC by Good Corn click on MORE the select the link 

Shotton&Trimdon Fed breeder/buyerFriday 30th March,£1680 paid out 2017,venue Trimdon Colliery WMC penning 6.30 till 7.30anyone can contribute a young bird or a ring number in the pen on the night.Race Rivenhall YB only members of Shotton&Trimdon Fed to race them .Prize money 50/30/30 min bid £30

can members check that 2018 life rings are 2018 as a batch has been found to have the year as 2017,if any are found inform club secretary 

Cec Rawson has decided to stand down as Senior Vice President of the UNC I would like to thank him for his dedicated service to the combine also to the sport ,he has over 50years of involment in management starting as club and federation secretary a true gentleman  

ANY INFO ON SHOWS,LOFT REPORTS ,PRESENTATIONS SEND TO [email protected],present report in a word doc.and photos in a photo doc

for report on UNC winners go to More and selected Special features

if any fed wants to put information of shows,moots,presentations,sales or loft reports send via a word doc. to [email protected]

also individual articles would be welcome